Old Vine Pinot Noir

Grown on the north-east facing slopes at the foot of Sonoma Mountain, our old vine Pinot benefits from mourning fog, and cool evening air that enables the grapes to slowly ripen to perfection.
This dry farmed, 45+ year old vine vineyard is planted to seven distinct Pinot Noir clones that add to the complexity and profound character of the wine.  Grown without pesticides or herbicides, our old vine Pinot Noir produces fully vine-ripened fruit flavors that are intense and full-bodied while retaining the subtleties and femininity we enjoy in great Pinot.
Our winemaking techniques are state-of-the-art, including triple hand sorting whole berry fermentation on native and multiple cultures of select yeast. This Reserve bottling of only 3 specially selected barrels was aged a total of 42 months, making the wine as smooth as silk.


Old Vine Pinot Noir Reserve


Ashton Vineyard 2007 RESERVE Estate Old Vine Pinot Noir builds on our highly praised 2007 Old Vine Pinot.  The RESERVE benefits from an extra year in prime Oak aging, making it all the more soft and luscious. The 2007 Vintage was an exceptional year – the best of the decade, and our 2007 wines are destined to age beautifully for many years to come.




We are proud to share the news about the reception our Old Vine Pinot Noir is receiving from our new Ashton Vineyard Stewards from Vermont to Texas, from Berlin to Burbank and beyond.

We add the recognition of some of the finest palates anywhere… the distinguished Judges at the Sonoma County Harvest Fair. Ashton Vineyard 2006 Pinot Noir in the only Gold Medal Winner with a Sonoma Valley appellation. Our 40+ year old vineyard of seven clones on the east facing slope at the foot of Sonoma Mountain accounts for part of the distinctive character of our Old Vine Pinot Noir, plus of course, the unsurpassed talents of award winning Robert Rex, our winemaker.


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Pinot Noir Vintages


Sonoma Harvest Fair Competition 2014

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Silver Medal, San Francisco Chronicle 2012

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2007 Reserve

 San Francisco Chronicle 2012

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Gold Medal, Sonoma Harvest Fair Competition 2009

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Silver Medal, Sonoma Harvest Fair Competition 2013

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