Sustainable Vineyard

Ashton Vineyard Sustainable VineyardAshton Vineyard is dedicated to producing the finest Pinot Noir and Syrah from grapes grown in the Sonoma Mountain. Our vineyards have been producing grapes for over 48 years and we want to ensure that we will be growing grapes on the land in another 40 years.
Founder Stephen Ashton says that wines made with consideration for the environment, employees, and community simply taste better.
By following sustainable growing practices. We adhere to this philosophy and make every effort to reduce waste, recycle and lower energy consumption.

By employing sustainable agriculture techniques, without pesticides in the vineyard, we can sustain both the livelihood of our vineyards as well as the quality of our wine.

In our vineyards, we use only what is necessary to encourage the development of a natural vineyard ecosystem.

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