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Stephen Ashton

We started our vineyard with Pinot Noir some 40 years ago. We spent two years researching our site which faces east, providing the vineyard early morning sun. The sun leaves the vineyard earlier in the day than if we were on the other side of the Valley, which gets the late afternoon sun. Pinot Noir, one of the earliest ripening red wine grapes, benefits from our Eastern exposure which provides slow ripening with extra “hang time.”

The vineyard contains 7 clones of Pinot Noir which add to its depth and complexity. The vineyard is Dry Farmed without irrigation and is completely sustainably farmed, free of herbicides, pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

The style of Syrah we love is like that of the Hermitage region of the northern Rhone area of France. Our choice of Syrah for the east-facing slopes on the southern section of the property was based on the cooler climates of the Hermitage region. Our Syrah also benefits from extended hang time and cooler late afternoons.

Our vines are sustainably grown, free of chemical fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides.

We are proud to introduce our own label with wines made exclusively of grapes from our estate at the foot of Sonoma Mountain in Glen Ellen in the Valley of the Moon. We grow and make two varieties: Pinot Noirand Syrah.


Creation of the Ashton Vineyard Logo


Inspired by Japenese brush painting, 200 drafts were necessary for Stephen and Aurora Ashton to find the right expression and the balance of the Ashton Vineyard Logo. More than the identity of our bottles, this painting represents the handmade style of our wines, dedicated to their richness, balance and character. The logo was first introduced on the bottle in 2003.


Our Vineyard


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