News From the Vineyard: Transformation! Veraison!

News From the Vineyard: Transformation! Veraison!

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Currently, the Syrah and Pinot Noir grapes are beginning to turn from green to red.

During the cycle of the vine it’s a very important moment.

“Veraison” represents the transition from berry growth to berry ripening and means we are one step closer to the final product.
This process takes around 7 days, it depends of the sun exposure, climate, grapes varieties and the age of the vines.

At Ashton Vineyard, we grow 2 grapes varieties and the Pinot Noir is more precocious than the Syrah.

The beginning of veraison subsequently affects the evolution of the grapes. At this time, the vine stops creating acids and  dedicates itself to the production of sugar. This process also initiates the birth of aromas.

At Ashton Vineyard, veraison begins at the perfect time and is announcing a very balanced vintage 2013.

In addition to metabolism changes, there are other transformations in the vineyard.

•The vine stops producing shoots with green growth at veraison.

•The green skin of the grapes becomes red.

•The skins become thinner and more delicate, particularly in Pinot Noir.

We also note that in recent weeks, the temperatures are really cool for the season and the pace of maturity of the vine slows down a bit. This is very desirable for our grapes as it provides a gradual ripening without driving off our wonderful aromas and acids.

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