AV Wine Experience – Expectations Exceeded!

AV Wine Experience – Expectations Exceeded!

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“I was expecting a nice tasting room with the usual setup: tables and counters with the lineup of elegant bottles and glasses.  Additionally, I knew the private tasting would be of value considering that it was a reward for a non-profit donation.

I almost missed the turn into Ashton Vineyards as I called Justine to confirm directions.  As my family and I drove up the hill we were greeted by Stephen Ashton.  I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I was in a beautiful outdoor setting with a small table which had fruits, cheeses, and bread waiting for us.

As we sat down and started our conversation with the Ashton’s, I had to remind myself that this was a wine-tasting and not a meeting with old friends.

We started off with the background of the wine and how it pairs with food.

Our discussions then went to art, travel, and the history of the region in Glen Ellen.

There are moments when you relax as you sip on old world Pinot Noirs; however, it was the first time I felt as though I was with family.

I was refreshingly surprised at what a great time I was having.

What wine tasting includes a pairing of Cellar Aged organically grown Pinot Noirs (including an amazing 2002 Artist Series Pinot) and beautiful show-stopping Estate Syrah, with berries, truffle goat cheese, and the best pork loin that you can imagine?

Stephen and Justine are great hosts and they know what they are doing. I mean it.  I wasn’t a big Syrah fan – let’s just say I’m converted nowThey are great people and it shows in the fine wines that they create.  If you desire something way above the standard, which also delivers true quality (the kind that reminds you of the importance of family, food, and friends), I recommend trying out the wines at Ashton Vineyards.  I am sure that you will be just as surprised I was and you will not regret it. We will surely return. We joined the AV Pure Bliss Wine Club.”

-Anish S.

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